The Mt. kagamiyama

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 The Mt. kagamiyama with the 284-meter altitude which is in the Karatsu City eastern part is a road to the mountaintop and can go with the car.Matsubara and Karatsu-wan, the Karatsu city, the Hamatama-cho city of the rainbow which is called Japanese 3 Daimatsu Hara, the island in Iki can be far wanted from the parking lot from the observatory to the mountaintop as much as 10 minutes of walking.

Location  Saga Prefecture Karatsu City Kagami
Institution  The store, the public restroom
Traffic  If going from the western Kyusyu motorway and the Maehara IC, it is about 23 kilometers with the national road 497 number line, Nijo Hamatama road and Karatsu bypass.The mountaintop at the Mt. kagamiyama can be reached by Mt. kagamiyama entrance's turning left and passing a prefectural highway 250 number line.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Karatsu office of tourism