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 The island of the trapezoid of about 3 kilometers around floating on Karatsu-wanShimauchi's houtou shrine is attracting public attention.There are many persons who come to "a lottery be elected" and from doing the improving of the origin of the name the worship.It prays at this shrine and is done the being of the going order of being equal to or more than 2,500,000,000 yen in the amount of money which a lottery was elected to in to this ! houtou shrine.Turn to just the right if landing in Takashima and pass "the East turn approach to Shrine".Actually, Saga Prefecture is flagrant as the prefecture which a lottery is most elected to.It may be that that there are 422 Ebisu stone statues in Saga City is related.

Location  Saga Prefecture Karatsu City Takashima
Institution  -
Traffic  There are 10 minutes, a water taxi of the riding together of Takashima's disembarkation (six on the 1st), too, in this treasury pier → Takashima going liner.
Parking  3 minutes of be walking to this use treasury pier in the parking area with charge at the Karatsu castle
Reference  The houtou shrine