The hado cape

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 It is in the most northwestern end on Higashimatsuura peninsula.It was in Genkai quasi national park, Genkai marine park and it was chosen as the Nagisa 100 election in Japan.There are an underwater observation tower, a beach and a campsite and so on.The dusk is a recommendation.The pot burning by the turban shell is a specialty.There are a lot of shops.

Location  Saga Prefecture Higashimatsuura District Chinzei-cho hado cape
Institution  The dining facility, the public restroom
Traffic  If going from Yobuko downtown, it is about 8 kilometers in the national road 204 number line, the prefectural highway 301 number line.
Parking  Being (There is a parking area with charge with being free of charge).
Reference  Karatsu office of tourism Chinzei branch office