The shuri-jo castle

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 Shuri-jo castle was subscribed to the world's cultural and natural heritage in 2000.Shuri-jo castle was restored.The shop of the tradition craft is arranging an eaves around.It is a chance if having the free railroad ticket of monorail "the yui rail".When showing a free railroad ticket when buying an admission ticket, the admission ticket can be bought at the discount price.

Location  The Okinawa Prefecture Naha City Shurikinjo Cho 1-chome 2 address
Institution  -
Traffic  The entering, once of the line of No. 2 of doing Okinawa-honto annular as this storehouse by the bird trench
Parking  Doing Okinawa-honto being (It uses a parking area with charge around).
Reference  State-operated Okinawa memorial park