The goat food prospers.

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 The shop of the food of the flagrant goat which is in "the socializing town as the Palace of the Dragon King""Fresh slice of raw fish of the goat" "Goat soup" and so on don't have the peculiar smell and of the person who is weak at the food of the goat however, it is easy to eat.On Saturday, it will had better reserve.

Location  Okinawa Prefecture Naha City makishi 3-12-20
Institution  The diner
Traffic  If going from the Okinawa-honto railroad "Yui rail" makishi station, the corner at the makishi police box which is in 3 minutes of walking, the left hand to the Mitsukoshi, Ltd. area turns left in the kokusai-street and it enters as the Palace of the Dragon King and once
Reference  The Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau convention bureau