The nakama river sightseeing boat

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 The nakama river with the 17.5-kilometer full length is a river in Iriomote-jima Minabe.The forest of the maximum mangrove in the country is spreading.The sightseeing boat is sailing from the river mouth to 6.5 kilometers of the upper stream.There are 400 of ages of the tree, a sakisimasuounoki which is called that Japan is the biggest.This tree is in the switchback spot at the sightseeing boat.

Location  Okinawa Prefecture Iriomote-jima Oohara
Institution  Generally, there is not to sail passenger oneself but when there are an other passenger, an organization tour visitor, sail can embark in the joining a partnership.
Traffic  10 minutes of be walking if going from the Oohara harbor
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Taketomi-cho office of tourism