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 The shop which is famous when the kimchi is delicious"Okinawa buckwheat noodles", too, is eaten.In addition to simple "Okinawa buckwheat noodles", there are vegetables much "Yamaya buckwheat noodles" with "the vegetable buckwheat noodles" and the popular kimchi and so on.The recommendation "Yamaya buckwheat noodles"When putting kimchi in the bowl of the buckwheat noodles, it is possible to make kimchi soup.The kimchi can be taken out by buying it.

Location  Okinawa Prefecture Naha City Kumoji 2-23-7
Institution  -
Traffic  The back at Roy Net hotel Naha Kuga place in the Okinawa-honto national road 58 number line, at Maejima intersection
Parking  -
Reference  The Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau convention bureau