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 The harbor which the ship which goes to the islands (Taketomijima, the kohamajima, Kuroshima, Haterumajima, Iriomote-jima and so on) in Yaeyamashotou departs from and arrives onIt has sailed every 10 minutes-60 minutes to each island.The ship is a small ship and shakes like the roller coaster.It sees outside scenery without reading the 2. book which sits (the back by the 1st of the indoor seat is good because there are an outdoor seating and an indoor seat) on the seat per center of the 1. ship to prevent from a seasickness.3. It doesn't have a meal in the ship.It should do a thing.

Location  The Okinawa Prefecture Ishigaki City Misaki Cho 1 address
Institution  -
Traffic  If going from Ishigaki AP, it is about 4 kilometers in the national road 390 number line.
Parking  -
Reference  The Ishigaki City office of tourism