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 As for the Japanese hotchpotch at Okinawa, "the teibiti (the pettitoe)" is included.This is the one which is peculiar to Okinawa which is not in the Japanese mainland.This restaurant is a small shop but when delicious Japanese hotchpotch is eaten, it is popular with the local resident.

Location  Okinawa Prefecture Naha City makishi 3-chome
Institution  -
Traffic  To the Mitsukoshi, Ltd. area of the kokusai-street if going from the Okinawa-honto railroad "Yui rail" makishi stationIt enters as Osaka if the corner at the end of the makishi police box which is in 3 minutes of walking, the left hand turns left and going from the corner in the entering, at the Osaka rotary parking lot as the grand orion and it is about 50 meters.
Parking  -
Reference  The Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau convention bureau