The Mt. yufudake

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 The mountain with the 1582-meter altitude to overlook a city in Yufuin byWhen mountaineering, when climbing the road which is extended from Yufuin, there is an entrance of the mountaineering, "the front starting point for a climb".It is possible to climb the top within about 2.5 hours.

Location  Oita Prefecture yufu city
Institution  It is a public restroom at the entrance of the mountaineering.
Traffic  The top in the place to have gotten off Oita-expressway and Yufuin IC to the starting point for a climb and to have climbed entering, Saka rapidly to the prefectural highway 50 number line, the No. 216 line, the No. 11 lineIf going from JR Yufuin station, it is about 5 kilometers.
Parking  It is in the starting point for a climb (Free of charge).
Reference  The Yufuin Onsen office of tourism