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 Saganoseki is the fishing ground of the brand fish, the Seki rust and the Seki horse mackerel.Saganoseki is Misaki in Shikoku and a ferry harbor to Yawatahama.In Saganoseki-machi, it is possible to experience the meal of the fish such as the Seki rust and the Seki horse mackerel.As for Sekizaki observatory, the sata cape in Shikoku can be looked at.

Location  Oita Prefecture Oita City Saganoseki-machi
Institution  -
Traffic  It gets off the Oita-expressway and well Miyakawauchi IC and it is about 20 kilometers in the prefectural highway 38 number line, the national road 197 number line.
Parking  -
Reference  Saganoseki