Rakan-ji temple

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 Rakan-ji temple is the temple which was made to cling to the wall of rock in Rakan'yama.The priest, Hodo immortal in India came in 645.To have gone about asking for alms on the cave on the mountain like this rock is the temple which was built by the chance.It is the head temple of national Chinzei arhat.Gohyaku-rakan which did a wide range of looks is enshrined in this temple.

Location  Oita Prefecture Nakatsu City Yabakei town
Institution  -
Traffic  The being of heading for the Innai-machi area in the national road 500 number line if going from the Hon-yabakei and national road 212 number line and it of about 1.5 kilometers' turning left if going is done about 500 meters in the prefectural highway 684 number line.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Nakatsu City government office