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 The castle which was made a stage in Taki Rentaro "the moon in the ruined castle" is said to that it does Aobajou in Miyagi Prefecture Sendai but the oka site of castle in Taketa City which is the birthplace of Taki Rentaro, too, is said to that it does a stage.This place is only that there is not a donjon and that Ishikaki is left.In the spring, it becomes a sight to see in Sakura and in the autumn, it becomes the sight to see of the colored leaves.If regarding a mountain range as being Ishikaki which made desolateness, it is as in the image in "the moon in the ruined castle".

Location  Oita Prefecture Taketa City oaza Takeda
Institution  The store, the public restroom
Traffic  The national road 57 number line If going from the stored route and the bypass road if goingfrom the city, there is a stored route.
Parking  When entering oka site of castle of being (free of charge), the 300 admission fee is necessary.
Reference  The Taketa City government office