The Nagayu spa

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 The Nagayu spa is in the east side at Kuju highland.The water quality is the spa of few carbonic acid in the country.The content of the amount of discharge and the carbon dioxide is eminent in Japan.The effect of the carbonated-spring which is on, being bathing is blood circulation promotion.There is use in the neuralgia and the heart disease.The stomach disease because the drinkable effect makes the function of the gastrointestinal tract lively and it has use in the constipation.It is on "the lemon pop spa" that the bubble comes out most.The temperature is low but it finds that the blood circulation becomes good with the effect of carbonic acid when flooding with hot water attentively and that it stagnates warmly.

Location  Oita Prefecture Taketa City Naoiri-machi oaza Nagayu
Institution  -
Traffic  If going from the Oita City town, it is about 34 kilometers in the national road 442 number line, the prefectural highway 209 number line.
Reference  The Taketa City government office