The Makinoto mountain pass

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 The mountain pass with spot with the near Oita Prefecture and the Kumamoto Prefecture border of "the yamanami freeway" maximum altitude of some road, 1333-meter altitudeIt is the entrance of the climbing of the Mt. kujyu-san.It is possible to go from here to the Mt. kujyu-san to the top within about 1.5 hours.Beginner however, because it is possible to climb, there are many persons who mountaineer from here.There is an observatory when about 500 meters, 10 minutes of walking climb from the entrance of the climbing of the Mt. kujyu-san.Chojahara and the Iida highland can be viewed from here.

Location  Oita Prefecture Kusu District Kokonoe-machi Tano
Institution  The dining facility, the public restroom
Traffic  If going from the IC of Kyushu-expressway and being ninefold, it is about 18 kilometers via the line of the number of 11 of the prefectural highway, 621 and the kyusui-kyo gorge.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Kokonoe-machi office of tourism