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 The spa of 1303 meters of Kyushu highest peaksIt is possible to arrive by that 2 hours of walking break from the entrance of "yamanami freeway" Chojahara's mountaineering.At the car, it isn't possible to go.Only its reliable legThe hokkein spa mountain cottage is the cottage which becomes the mountaineering base of the ninefold mountains such as Heiji mountain, Taisenzan, Kurodake.Very crowded in the season where Miyama Kirishima of the first ten days in June blooms from the last ten days in MayIt floats down hot water in the source run with the simple spring.It is the inside mug but Taisenzan, Tatenaka mountain, the Mt. hijidake can be viewed.

Location  Oita Prefecture Taketa City Ariuji 1778-9
Institution  -
Traffic  2 hours of be walking inside the amagakoshi or in the sugamorigoe if going from Chojahara starting point for a climb
Parking  -
Reference  The Taketa City government office