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 The prairie on the halfway point of "the yamanami freeway"It views Mt. io-zan to the front.It is the starting point of the trekking to "bougatsuru"."bougatsuru" is crowded with Miyama Kirishima's colony each other and in May, it is crowded with the person in the hike each other.At Chojahara's roadside restaurant, it is possible to do the purchase of the meal and the souvenir.It tastes by all means and it is ice cream that it wants.The body and the taste of milk are a nonesuch.

Location  Oita Prefecture Kokonoe-machi Iida highland Chojahara
Institution  The roadside restaurant, Visitor Center
Traffic  If going from the IC of Kyushu-expressway and being ninefold, it is about 15 kilometers via the line of the number of 11 of the prefectural highway, 621 and the kyusui-kyo gorge.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Kokonoe-machi office of tourism