Shimabara castle

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 The farmer is the stage of revolting "the revolt at Shimahara".It does the inside to the display which is related to Shimahara.There is a display of the history at Shimahara, the suppression of the Christian, the explanation of the historical fact of the revolt at Shimahara, the folk craft in those days and so on.The rows of stores and houses on a street and Fugendake at Shimahara can be viewed from the top floor.Jouchi has "the Christian archives museum", "the sightseeing revival museum".

Location  Nagasaki Prefecture Shimabara City Jouchi 1-chome
Institution  -
Traffic  10 minutes of be walking from the shimabara railway and Shimahara station
Parking  Jouchi parking lot's there being (Charged for)
Reference  The Shimabara City government office