Higashiyamate Western-style residential housing

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 There is a Western-style building of the white wall and the tile roof in station on the way which leads to the Confucius Shrine from Dutch Saka.The past, the foreigner lived in.The look is a Western-style building, but there are a tile roof and a mud wall and to be Western-style and to be Japanese-style are mixing.It is the view of the exoticism which is perfect in scores.At present, save is made public as the museum and so on.

Location  Nagasaki Prefecture Nagasaki City higashiyamate 6-25
Institution  The place of the old photograph museum, the street save center, the international exchange "The earth building"
Traffic  About 3 minutes of be walking if going from the Nagasaki City fast charge and Ishibashi stop
Parking  It uses a parking area with charge around.
Reference  The Nagasaki City sightseeing and staying guide