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 There is a radio mast in station on the way which heads for the saikai-bashi bridge from inside Sasebo City.It is the one which old navy built.It did Pacific War Pearl Harbor jump-off cryptography ""NIITAKAYAMANOBORE"" in the telegraph.At present, it isn't used.There is a discussion of the demolition because it boils in the one with huge upkeep and it becomes.There is a discussion that it should leave as the war inheritance and the trend in the future attracts attention.It is possible to see from the saikai-bashi bridge park, too.

Location  Nagasaki Prefecture Sasebo City Hariohigashi Machi
Institution  -
Traffic  If going from the saikai-bashi bridge, it is about 2 kilometers in the national road 202 number line to the Sasebo City area.Because the complicated road must be passed to the sleeve at the tower, if going from the distance, it should see.
Reference  The Sasebo sightseeing information center