The Tsuno winery

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 It is a wine atelier.It is built on the hill which overlooks Tsuno-cho.It juxtaposes visit facilities and a restaurant.The wine is 1200 yen-about 2800 yen at the price which can be easily bought.It was chosen in the thought putting-on and "Wine Report 2004" which has worldwide authority, saying the ordinary wine.It is chosen in the aspect of the promise and the value by "the most exciting wine 100 election".

Location  Miyazaki Prefecture Tsuno-cho oaza Kawakita 14609-20
Institution  -
Traffic  It gets off the East Kyushu motorway and the Saito IC and it is about 39 kilometers in the prefectural highway 18 number line, the national road 10 number line.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Tsuno winery