The Teruha big suspension bridge

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 The suspension bridge with the 142-meter height to have spanned with in the forest in the evergreen forest, 250-meter lengthThere is a glass window in some of the station on the way, the aisles at the bridge and there is a thrill.There is an East Asian evergreen forest culture building nearby and the industrial culture of Aya-cho can be understood.

Location  Miyazaki Prefecture Higashimorokata District Aya-cho oaza Minamata 5698
Institution  The store, the public restroom
Traffic  It gets off the Miyazaki-expressway and Miyazaki west IC and it is about 22 kilometers in the line of No. the national road 10 number line, prefectural highway 24, 26.If going from the 2 Teruha big suspension bridge front kilometers, it becomes a narrow road.
Parking  The admission fee to the suspension bridge of Teruha of being (free of charge) is necessary.
Reference  Aya-cho public office