The kunimi-gaoka hill

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 There is a myth which is suitable for the hometown and Takachiho of the myth.The god stood on this hill and saw a country to the sunrise and the sunset.This is the origin of the name on Kunimi hill.The sea of cloud can be done in the view from the autumn to the winter.In the time zone when a sea of cloud is seen, it is several hours from the sunrise.The day to have brightened, the mountain range on Aso can be viewed.

Location  Miyazaki Prefecture Nishiusuki District Takachiho-cho
Institution  The souvenir shop
Traffic  If going from Takachiho downtown, it is about 1 kilometer in about 3 kilometers, the prefectural highway 203 number line to Kumamoto and Mifune area in the national road 218 number line.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  The Takachiho-cho office of tourism