Senbon Sakura at Takamori mountain pass

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 A lot of Sakura is planted in the versant and when becoming a flowering season, the mountain dyes to the pink.The photography sight to see is not near the parking lot and is on Takamori mountain pass.In the flowering season in Sakura, the route to the parking lot becomes an one-way traffic.The side of Takachiho at Takamori mountain pass can not be entered from.Let's enter from the side of Takamori-machi.

Location  Kumamoto Prefecture Aso District Takamori-machi
Institution  The restroom, the tiffin shop (It is established only in the flowering season in Sakura).
Traffic  If going from Takamori downtown, it is about 2 kilometers according to the entering, the sign in Takachiho area in the national road 265 number line.
Parking  The parking lot of being (being 100 yen as the serviceable cooperation fee) is narrow but there is a parking space in the passage.
Reference  Takamori-machi public office