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 Seigneur Hosokawa Tadatoshi seems to want to be made about 350 years before.It is called "the Momoyama type migration garden".It is in the park to have reproduced highway "Tokaido 5 Miyoshi" by.The subsoil water on Aso continues to breed.

Location  Kumamoto Prefecture Kumamoto City suizenji park 8-1
Institution  -
Traffic  In the Kyushu-expressway and Kumamoto IC, in the getting-off national road 57 number line, it turns right at about 7 kilometers, Kuwamizubashi to the Kumamoto area and it turns right at advanced Suizenjikouemmae of about 1.5 kilometers, it turns right 0.1 kilometers ahead and once
Parking  Being (The charged)
Reference  The Kumamoto City sightseeing information