Soyo isthmus

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 It is in the Nangai ring mountainside on Aso.The ravine which Gokase-gawa can have done by encroaching for many yearsIt is called the Grand Canyon in Kyushu.The ravine exists with the type of the U on the land which Gokase-gawa and the branch join.The ravine is 200-300 meters wide and the depth is 150-200 meters.There is a way of promenading in the ravine going-along boiling.It puts on Soyo isthmus and a Aso 5 mountain in the view from the Nagasakibana observation post.The flagrant takachiho gorge is in the lower reaches on the river.

Location  Kumamoto Prefecture Aso District Soyo-machi
Institution  The observation post, the esplanade
Traffic  If going from the entrance of the national road 218 number line, it is about 4 kilometers. About 2 kilometers of theobservatory eve are careful of 1 lane which is difficult about meeting and parting in the running.
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  Yamato-machi office of tourism