The big cherry tree of issingyo

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 "The big cherry tree of issingyo" is most flagrant Sakura in Kumamoto Prefecture.With the typhoon damage in 2004, it has been possible to have divided the tree in Sakura into the two exact halves, but it is in the effect of the recuperation and it flowers every year.In the flowering season, "the South Aso village Sakura cherry tree Ueki festival" is hosted just nearby and is doing a display and sale in Ueki.It is possible to buy a souvenir article and tiffin.

Location  The Kumamoto Prefecture Aso District South Aso village
Institution  -
Traffic  It enters from the entering, the national road 325 number line to the South Aso village according to the sign if going.
Parking  Being (500 yen of standard cars (the light car, too, is the same) are necessary as the serviceable cooperation fee).
Reference  The South Aso village office