The source of water of Hakusui

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 At one of "the Japanese brand-name spring water hundred pieces", the subsoil water on Aso of 60 t of per-minutes is gushing.There is a source in the different land and South Aso becomes the drawing water place of the local people.Kumamoto City is Kumamoto Prefecture and the population is utilizing subsoil water on Aso as the water supply in the city which doesn't have a dam in spite of being the most.

Location  The source of water of Kumamoto Prefecture Aso District South Aso village Shirakawa
Institution  -
Traffic  There is an entrance near the way point in the national road 325 number line, at Takamori downtown and the asohakusui spa.
Parking  The parking lot of being (free of charge) is free of charge but needs a 100 admission fee as the cleaning cooperation fee.
Reference  The South Aso village office