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 Gokanosho is a flagrant place in the one-story house legend of surviving soldier.It is the land of mystery which was surrounded by the mountains of Kyushu spinal column in Kunimidake of the Kumamoto Prefecture highest peak and so on.There are a suspension bridge and "Sendan Todoroki" waterfall.There is a house of the thatched roof where the remains of the one-story house were hidden in the escape in "the hometown of the one-story house".It is doing the display of the articles of the one-story house defeated soldier who is fleeing the enemy relation.The entertainment of the Shinto music and dance numbers and the Heike biwa and so on can be enjoyed.To visit in the spring of verdure and the time of the colored leaves of the autumn is best.

Location  Kumamoto Prefecture Yatsushiro City
Institution  -
Traffic  If going from the Kyushu-expressway and Hitoyoshi IC, it is about 60 kilometers in the national road 445 number line.Because the road is very narrow, in the excursion season, the part section becomes an one-way traffic.
Reference  Gokanosho