It looks from Aso Takadake.

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 Aso-san is not the name of one mountain and is the name to have generically called Nekodake, Takadake, Nakadake, Mt. Kishimadake, Eboshidake.The altitude is the highest and Takadake in it is 1,592 meters.The view from here is wonderful.The streets, the somma and the Mt. kujyu-san on Aso can be viewed.About 2.5 hours or it drives from the entrance of the mountaineering of Sensui-kyo to the top.It is a road without the road like Iwaba almost.To mountaineer, the formal mountaineering equipment is necessary.It is possible to go via the Sensui-kyo ropeway, but it goes in the route of this front trail up a mountain → Nakadake → crater East observatory → Sensui-kyo ropeway and it is a recommendation.

Location  The Kumamoto Prefecture Aso city
Institution  -
Traffic  If going to the Sensui-kyo starting point for a climb, from the national road 57 number line JR Miyaji station, it is about 4 kilometers according to the sign.
Parking  It is in the entrance of the Sensui-kyo mountaineering (Free of charge).
Reference  The Aso city office of tourism