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 The theme park which is in the foot in Aso-sanThere are an experience zone to make the shopping zone that the product on Aso and the cheese in the world and so on can be bought, the restaurant zone that the beer and the grilled meat which was made at the local community are eaten, a glass-working and a snack and so on by it and so on and it can play without being tired on the 1st.A spa is called "the Aso volcano spa" and the outdoor hot spring bath with the area of 1000 tubos of each of the men's sections of a bathhouses, the ladies' sections of a bathhouse is popular.

Location  Kumamoto Prefecture Aso District South Aso village oaza Kayo 5579 address 3
Institution  The accommodations, the spa, the store, the experience facilities
Traffic  The Aso panorama line
Parking  Being (Free of charge)
Reference  Aso farm Land