Takachiho Kawahara

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 It describes that the god descended to earth in "the Chronicles of Japan" of the ancient record of Japan about Kirisima.It is in the foot in "Takachihonomine" on Kirisima.There were past, Kirishima-jingu.It is reconstructed by the present land after several times burned down.In present Takachiho Kawahara, the torii towers over the position which views Takachihonomine.The visitor of a lot of mountaineering visits as Kirisima mountain ranges and the entrance of the Takachihonomine mountaineering.

Location  Kagoshima Prefecture
Institution  -
Traffic  It is 45 minutes with the car from Kyushu-expressway Yokogawa IC.
Parking  Being (The charged)
Reference  Takachiho Visitor Center