The sennukidaira natural park

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 It is in station on the way at the Ibusuki scenic mountain highway and in Ei IC and Ikeda-ko Lake.The great panorama which can view Kinkouwan Bay, Sakurashima, an Ibusuki City town, Mt. kaimondake, Okuma peninsula, Iwo Jima and Takeshima from the natural park in this placeThe azalea is the sight to see which becomes in full bloom to the middle in April-the first ten days in May.

Location  Kagoshima Prefecture Kagoshima City Kiire Ikumi city
Institution  -
Traffic  It is about 5 minutes with the car from the Ibusuki scenic mountain highway and Ei IC.
Parking  Being
Reference  The Kagoshima Prefecture sightseeing alternating current bureau sightseeing section