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 It is flagrant Satsuma Shuzo's storehouse in potato shochu "the Satsuma whitecaps".The inside can be visited.A storehouse is filled with the fermenting smell of the potato.It is making distilled spirits using the pot pot.At the store, it be possible to taste but the driver of the car let's endure.It is selling the distilled spirits of the limited sale.At "floral Watagawa beerhouse" in neighborhood, it is possible to drink the beer which was made with sweet potato.

Location  The Kagoshima Prefecture Makurazaki City Tachigami Honcho 26 address
Institution  -
Traffic  If going from JR Ibusukimakurazaki line Makurazaki station, it is about 5 minutes with the car. Ifgoing from the Makurazaki-city bonito public corporation, it is about 1 minute with the car.
Parking  Being
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