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 Kushikino is the fishing port of the tuna and the Chinese noodle which used a tuna is eaten.The soup is the one to have boiled vegetables such as the head, the garlic, the ginger and the leek of the soy sauce and the tuna.The crinkling noodle which the noodle has elasticityThe garnish differs in each shop and the soy sauce pickling by the meatball of the tuna, the tempura, the tuna of the tuna, and so on, is various.It is possible to eat at the shop which puts up the flag of "the Kushikino tuna Chinese noodle".

Location  In Kagoshima Prefecture Kushikino City
Institution  The dining room, the Chinese restaurant, the tavern and so on
Traffic  3-15 minutes of be walking if going from Kushikino station
Parking  -
Reference  The Kushikino tuna Chinese noodle