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 It is Japanese 3 Osuna hill to stand next to Tottori-sakyu in Tottori Prefecture, Kujukurihama in Chiba Prefecture NULL.In the west side in Satsuma Peninsula, it faces the East China Sea and the dune with about 47-kilometer length like solitude is spreading from Kushikino City to Kaseda City.There are a beach, a seaside park and a spa in the fukiagehama beach, in May, "the festival of sand" is done in Kaseda City, the monument and the building which was made by firming sand at the fukiagehama beach are displayed and bustle by a lot of persons.

Location  To Kagoshima Prefecture Kushikino City Cape Hajima-the Kaseda City Aiboshi river river mouth
Institution  The beach, the seaside park, Fukiage Onsen
Traffic  It gets off by the Southern Kyushu road and the Ichiki IC and it advances towards the East China Sea area.
Parking  Being
Reference  The fukiagehama beach seaside park