The to-ka ebisu shrine (The to-ka ebisu festival)

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 The to-ka ebisu shrine is the God of the business.It is situated on the south side of the Fukuoka Prefecture agency and every year, until January 11th, a New Year grand festival (the to-ka ebisu festival) is done from January 7th.The call person buys lucky charms such as the lottery, the charm, Ebisu money and the rake.It prays for accomplishment's being brought along and the prosperous business and the people who are engaged in the entertainment, too, come to up.The appearance to pray to for the purifying oneself of the accomplishment in 1 by putting on clothing is the scenery of the new year.In the holiday, because it is crowded, the weekday passes in the morning and is a recommendation.A lot of dancing stages range at the approach to Shrine.

Location  Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka-shi Hakata Ward Higashikouen 7-1
Institution  -
Traffic  If going from the subway Chiyo prefectural government mouth station, it is 5 minutes of walking from 3 minutes of walking, JR Yoshizuka station.
Parking  It is not.
Reference  The to-ka ebisu shrine