The Star Festival shrine

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 As for the Star Festival shrine, in the popular name name of the himekoso shrine, the himekoso god and the Orihime god are a deified shrine.It is the place of the Star Festival introduction of the southwest in Fukuoka Prefecture.The time of the Star Festival of the lunar calendar, a lot of strips of paper are decorated and an event is done.There is an old pine shrine to have deified Altair which is Altair in the opposite side of Homan Gawa.Homan Gawa seems to be the Milky Way and is romantic like the Star Festival legend.There is supposed to be divine favor in the road safety, the weaving.

Location  Fukuoka Prefecture Ogoori City Osaki 1
Institution  -
Traffic  15 minutes of be walking from Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. Oomuta line "Ogoori station"
Parking  Being (About four)
Reference  The Ogoori City government office