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 Gulf whole from the front of the starting station and Mojikou station in JR Kagoshima-honsen is serviced as "Mojikou retro".Formerly, it was to do trading port being Asian every country.At present, the traditional warehouse and the building of the Kyuumoji Customs, Kyuumoji Mitsui club, the old Oosaka marchantman and so on are made public by the save.It does a Kanmon-kaikyo cruise at the sightseeing boat and it is possible to go to Honshuu with the ferry.There are new tourist resorts such as the Kyushu railroad museum and the strait drama ship.

Location  Fukuoka Prefecture Kitakyushu-shi Moji Ward
Institution  -
Traffic  JR Kagoshima-honsen and Mojikou station
Parking  Parking area with charge's there being
Reference  Mojikou retro club