JR Mojikou station

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 It is a starting station and Mojikou station in JR Kagoshima-honsen.It is the Renaissance type wooden two-story which was built in 1941.It receives the specification of the important cultural asset in the country.At practicing first, it was called "Moji station" and it bustled as the entrance in Kyushu.In the station building, the facilities of doing this building just as it is first are still left and are used at present, too.The station in the dead end is emotions of the traveler much.To go respectively stops and seems to have become the hero of the drama.

Location  Fukuoka Prefecture Kitakyushu-shi Moji Ward
Institution  -
Traffic  JR Kagoshima-honsen and Mojikou station
Parking  Parking area with charge's there being
Reference  Mojikou retro club