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 Hikosan is the mountain of the Japanese 3 Taishu effect, being in the border between prefectures in Fukuoka Prefecture and Oita Prefecture.On the breast, there is Kamimiya in the Hikosan major Shinto shrine ho-hei-den, the Hikosan mountaintop.Shitamiya, Nakamiya are built at the approach to Shrine between the ho-hei-den and Kamimiya.About 3 hours of round-trip or it borrows from the ho-hei-den via this approach to Shrine to Kamimiya which is built on the mountaintop.There are a route which leads through Tamaya shrine, the bogle cryptomeria and Minamidake and a route which passes Takasumi shrine and Kitadake in the way of going to Kamimiya but because this is a trail up a mountain, they need enough mountaineering equipment.It is possible to go at the approach to Shrine at the long stairs or in the one like the cable car to the Hikosan major Shinto shrine ho-hei-den.

Location  Fukuoka Prefecture Tagawa District Soeda-machi oaza Hikosan
Institution  -
Traffic  15 minutes of be walking if going from 10 minutes, Bessho parking lot with the car if going from the JR Hita Hikosan line and Hikosan station
Parking  Being (Bessho parking lot)
Reference  The Hikosan major Shinto shrine