The Hakata Dontaku festival

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 It deifies Fukuoka-shi people and as for Hakata Dontaku, the din and bustle during the golden week is the best of Japan.It is so when Dutch Zondag (the holiday) is an etymology in the origin in "the Hakata pine musical accompaniment".Every year, during the period of 3 in May, on the 4th, it is possible to enjoy with a cheerful atmosphere festivals such as the entertainment stage, the parade and the floral car.

Location  Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka-shi Hakata Ward, Chuo Ward
Institution  -
Traffic  JR Hakata station, the Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. Oomuta line and Tenjin station, Fuuokashiechikatetsu and Tenjin station
Parking  There is a parking area with charge but because traffic control is done, the public transportation use is wise.
Reference  The Hakata Dontaku festival