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 Dazaifu-tenmangu is the shrine to have deified the God, Sugawarano Michizane of the learning. It isbustling by the school excursion and the people to visit by the pass prayer.
There is Umeno tree of "the Tobiume legend" which spreads, saying adoring Sugawarano Michizane and the splash over Dazaifu from Kyoto.There are various kind of Umeno trees in the precincts and they can see Umeno's flowering until January-March.
It buys the branch of Japanese apricot rice cake (Umegaemochi) of the specialty at the souvenir shop but it is a recommendation.The branch of Japanese apricot rice cake is the burning confectionery who put bean jam into the skin to have made with glutinous rice and the soft food sense and the moderate sweetness are a delicious Japanese confection.

Location  No. 1 of 7th of Fukuoka Prefecture Dazaifu City saifu 4-chome
Institution  -
Traffic  5 minutes of be walking if going from the Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. Dazaifu station
Parking  There is a parking area with charge but around, the public transportation use is wise because it is crowed.
Reference  Dazaifu-tenmangu