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 The sight to see of the cherry tree which is the best of JapanThe cherry tree in Japan let's see this place by all means.The Mt. yoshinoyama is in the north at "the sacred place and the way of the call in Kii-sanchi" which was subscribed as the world nature inheritance in 2004.For the mountaintop, it makes Sakura bloom in turn to the last ten days in April from the first ten days in April from the foot.

It is with Senbon below, in Senbon, Kaminosembon, Okunosembon from the foot.When Sakura in in Senbon, Kaminosembon is in full bloom about the best timeOkunosembon is in the left place with Kaminosembon.The state that Sakura blooms at the whole mountain is when Sakura in in Senbon, Kaminosembon is in full bloom.

To visit by the package tour is the easiest but if wanting to see sufficiently, visit should go by the individual.The course which gets off the mountain while going by bus to the topper and being in Hanami on foot from Okunosembon is best.

Let's use the dress to walk and the shoes it is easy walk. The leg is tiredplainly about the pumps and the high-heels.

Location  Nara Prefecture Yoshino District Yoshino-cho
Institution  -
Traffic  Kintetsu yoshino-line and Yoshino station (If going from Oosakaabenobashi, it is 26 minutes in about 1 hour with Kintetsu express).
Parking  Being (The charged)
Reference  The Mt. yoshinoyama Sakura information