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 The nigatsudo, the sangatsu-do, the shigatsu-do are in the east side in Todai-ji Daibutuden.The place where the nigatsudo does "the ritual of the water-drawing ceremony" which is done every year in FebruaryThe sangatsu-do is the building which is older than Todai-ji Daibutuden with the national treasure which is called "Hokkedo", too.Shigatsu-do is called "Zammaido", too, and the one-thousand-armed kannon image can be worshiped.As for the nigatsudo, the Todai-ji area can be looked at from the part at the balcony.

Location  Nara Prefecture Nara City
Institution  -
Traffic  5 minutes of be walking from Todai-ji Daibutuden
Parking  -
Reference  The Nara City sightseeing information center