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 As for Nara Park, it says whole region in the east side from Kintetsunara station.It makes wide areas such as the kofuku-ji temple, the sarusawa-ike pond, the ukimi-do hall, the kasuga-taisya shrine, Todai-ji, Shoso-in, the Mt. wakakusayama a park.
The wild deer is inhabiting the place where in the park results.The deer make the grass a food, that they are of primary concern but the gluten bread which is the bait of the shika-senbei and the carp which the excursionist gives, too, is a food.The shit of the deer which is dropped by the grass is resolved by the microorganism and is useful for the recuperation of the grass.Unexpectedly, the deer in Nara Park eats the grass by the hard worker and services a park, sells a shika-senbei and is contributing to the economy in Nara City.

Location  Nara Prefecture
Institution  -
Traffic  JR Nara station/Kintetsunara station
Parking  -
Reference  The Nara City sightseeing information center