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 There are five-storied pagoda, a national treasure building, Nan'endo, a three-storied pagoda, northern Endo, a Nakagane hall in the kofuku-ji temple of the world's cultural and natural heritage subscription.The money of the Nakagane hall, the national treasure building to enter is necessary.The national treasure building displays national treasures class Buddhist image sculpture, a picture, craftworks, a books document, archaeology material, history material.

Location  Nara Prefecture Nara City Noboriooji Cho 48
Institution  -
Traffic  More once of the "Kencho-mae" getting-off by Nara Kotsu city circulation bus than than//than JR Nara station than than Kintetsunara station than JR Nara station than 5 minutes of walking than 10 minutes of walking
Parking  -
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