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 The kasuga-taisya shrine is the shrine which is in the east side in Nara Park, the foot of Mt. Mikasa.It is the shrine of the world's cultural and natural heritage subscription which was built for the defence of Heijyokyo Capital.There are a garden of a shrine, a treasure house, Shikazono, a lot of Inc.s, facilities of Kasuga Benroten's and so on in the vast precincts in addition to the main shrine.

Location  Nara Prefecture Nara City Kasugano Cho 160
Institution  -
Traffic  It is about 30 minutes of walking from JR Nara station/Kintetsunara station. It is "in front of the Great BuddhaHall and the kasuga-taisya shrine" "kasuga-taisya shrine Omotesando" stop getting-off, about 10 minutes ofwalking by Nara Kotsu bus.
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