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 Motomachi is the city of the merchant in Koube and Motomachi shopping district in the center is a wide shopping district in 1.2 kilometers of east and west from the 1st town to 6-chome.In the south side, there is flagrant "the Nanjin city" in the chinatown.There are equal to or more than 100 shops in the space in about 200 meters of east and west, 110 meters of north and south.When walking at the rows of stores and houses on a street where there was an earthquake disaster reconstruction around Motomachi, the power in Kansai district can be seen.On the road between Motomachi-Sannomiya, every year, in December, the event "Kobe luminarie" to pray to for the hope to the earthquake disaster reconstruction is hosted.This event decorates a town with illuminations and crowds of persons come.

Location  Hyogo Prefecture Kobe-shi Chuo Ward Motomachidoori
Institution  -
Traffic  It is about 2 kilometers to the west in the coastline if getting off the Hanshin Co. Kosoku-Kobe line and Kiyobashi IC and going from the national road 2 number line.
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Reference  Koube Motomachi shopping district