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 In "in Kinosaki" of the novelist and Shiga Naoya, flagrant Kinosaki Spa is the efficacious hot spring which has history in 1500.The characteristic of this spa is that there are seven pieces of cooperation hot water.The outward appearance, the inside are different respectively and there are to be Western-style, Japanese-style.If staying at the inn in Kinosaki Spa, it is possible to be for free with cooperation hot water bathed.It puts on a yukata and in the people, the going cap "U" state is the scenery of Japan surely.

Location  Hyogo Prefecture Kinosaki District Kinosaki-cho Yujima
Institution  The accommodations
Traffic  If going from Himeji, it gets off Wadayama IC at the Bantan access road and it is about 44 kilometers in the national road 9・312 number line, the prefectural highway 3 number line.
Parking  Being (The charged)
Reference  The Kinosaki Spa office of tourism